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Power and Intimacy in Relationships, the balanced formula for success. 
John has finished his book and it is available for purchase at  More information is available at  John is available for speaking engagements. 
PRE-MARITAL--John has helped many couples prepare for marriage and offers a 6 session pre-paid package at a reduced price for couples intending to marry.

ANGER--John Lucas has spent seven years running Anger Management classes and is certified by the county of Riverside and is well qualified in working with anger issues.  John currently works with families, couples and individuals to help them express anger in healthy, constructive ways.

GAMBLING--At Lighthouse Counseling we offer one on one, couples, or family counseling to help for those struggling with a gambling problem.  We use the SODS and the NODS assessment tools to help evaluate the seriousness of the gambling issue.  There is also large financial aid available through the state to help pay for therapy.  John is trained in Gambling Addiction and has recently gone through the 30-unit training provided by the state of California in conjunction with UCLA.




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